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Galatico Football Manager Game


We are passionate about football and we want to break down the walls between players and fans. We want to capture all the details of the real life experience of a football fan. We want to help you become part of an exclusive community with real life managers, players, and experts. We constantly improve our gameplay experience, focusing on user interface design, and game mechanics that are well balanced.
Our game lets you be part of an exclusive community and meet real life football heroes like managers, players, and media personnel. Take control of one of Europe's top teams, manage your favorite club, or create your own unique universe in the Galactico Manager game.
This is a game for football fans, and we deliver the ultimate experience in gaming. We take care of a wide range of game mechanics, all the way from player skills and transfer market, to the match results and draw. We think that fair gameplay is just as important as a great story, so our economic system aims to provide players with an exciting gaming experience, while providing them with a challenge as well. The goal we set for ourselves is to build a team that knows how to cope with real life situations like injuries or suspensions during matches while still being able to succeed in the game. We use blockchain technology on many levels of our game economy, creating a graphically engaging experience where everything feels connected through real world events influencing gameplay

This game is a football manager for everyone. It combines deep squad management, tactical strategy, and ambitious bonuses to give players the feeling of a world-class sports team manager. Bond with family and friends while aiming for various rewards in each round of competition. Cooperate with other players across communities to beat opponents!

As a football manager, you will be creating a strong team by recruiting the best players and leading them to glory. You must construct your custom tactics and strategy to beat your opponents. Galactico Manager is the most revolutionary worldwide football management game .

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